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Sponsors, donors, collaborators


Financial support of current research by the following organizations is gratefully acknowledged.

The National Science Foundation

The University of Wisconsin-Madison

Machine Tool Technology Research Foundation (MTTRF)
Innovation & Economic Development Research (IEDR) Program


Donations by the following organizations are gratefully acknowledged. These gifts support research and education.

Acceptance of the gifts does not constitute an endorsement of the company or product by the University of Wisconsin or any of its employees.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Co.

Performance Micro Tool, Inc.

Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited

Iljin Diamond Co, Ltd.

Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc.

NCD Technologies LLC

LasX Industries, Inc.

Friction Stir Link, Inc.

Sangkee Min (UW-Madison)
Neil Duffie (UW-Madison)
Michael Zinn (UW-Madison)
Robert Carpick (U. Pennsylvania)
Kumar Sridharan (UW-Madison)
Kevin Turner (U. Pennsylvania)
Weilin Qu (U. Hawaii)

National Laboratory

Anirudha V. Sumant (Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory)
Nicola Ferrier (Argonne National Laboratory)