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Website management: Prof. Frank Pfefferkorn, Sinan Kesriklioglu

Login: UW-Madison Google Apps

Accessibility requirements

UW- Madison websites must comply with the campus web accessibility policy for people with vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive disabilities.

1. Uploads: Remove signatures from documents. Name files without spaces or underscores. Use hyphens to separate words in file names.

2. Images: Add an alternate text description when you Insert > Image. This step is required rather than optional, as the Google window displays, to comply with the UW-Madison accessibility policy.

3. Links: Add links by clicking the chain icon in the text editor. Always de-select "Open this link in new window." New windows might be missed by visitors with vision impairments.

4. PDF files without images: Before you upload a PDF file that contains no images, follow these preparation steps:


5. PDF files with images: Before you upload a PDF file that contains images, follow these preparation steps:


6. Word files with images: go.wisc.edu/accessiblewordtopdf

Style notes

 Write for readers who skim pages for information. In headings and link labels, capitalize the first word and proper nouns and adjectives.

Troubleshooting tips

1. On the homepage, click More > Manage Site > Deleted items.

    That displays reassurance that nothing has been deleted.

2. On the homepage, click More > Subscribe to page changes.

    That sends you an email anytime a page is changed.

3. On the homepage, click More > Manage Site > Recent Site Activity

    That displays a report of recent changes.

4. On the homepage, click More > Revision history

    That shows all the past versions of the site, in case you ever want to reinstate an older version.

5. Back up the site periodically by clicking More > Manage Site > Copy this Site.