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The Laser-assisted Multi-scale Manufacturing Laboratory (LAMSML) . . .

  • Helps move advanced manufacturing processes from arts, to science-based technologies that benefit industry.
  • Is actively advancing our understanding of friction stir welding, laser polishing, cryogenic machining, additive-subtractive manufacturing, and micro end milling.
  • Provides fundamental knowledge and answers that will help industry.
  • Educates manufacturing heat transfer engineers.
  • Investigates the addition, generation, and removal of heat in novel manufacturing processes.
  • Has fun conducting cutting-edge research.

Announcements, news, and events

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Mechanical Engineering students who are interested in projects related to LAMSML research should contact Prof. Pfefferkorn at


Engineering Expo '17, April 7-8, 2017, Madison, WI ( will open Lab to the public)

See presentations on lamsml reserach at following conferences

NAMRC 45th/MSEC 2017, Los Angeles, California, June 4-8, 2017

MTTRF, San Francisco, California, 2017

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